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Dr. Cesar Chavez performed "eye lid" surgery on both of my eyes about four years ago. My eyes look better and my vision improved immediately. Two years later I developed pressure on both of my eyes and he performed laser surgery on my two eyes and a few days later the pressure dropped significantly. Presently, Dr. Chavez and staff are monitoring me for eye pressure and a small cataract that developed on my left eye. The cataract is still too small for surgery. In my opinion, he is the best ophthalmologist in his field. We are very lucky to have him in Imperial Valley. I will not hesitate to say, that he is one of my heroes. - Cordially, Alice M.

Before I had cataract surgery by Dr. Cesar Chavez my vision was foggy, and blurry. I had hard time seeing colors plus I had very poor near vision, even with glasses. Soon after cataract surgery and lens implant by Dr. Chavez, my vision improved and the colors look natural. I'm very happy that Dr. Chavez performed my surgery. I am a satisfied patient of Dr. Chavez. - George C., Calexico, CA

Dr. Cesar Chavez and Staff, I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for all the professionalism and desire you all shared to help me today. It has only been about 4 hours since Dr. Chavez removed the object from my eye and there is no pain and my vision is already better. - Thank you all and God Bless, Jeff J.

Dr. Chavez, Thank you so much for everything, my eyes don't hurt as much anymore, and believe me, that's a great feeling! Thank you very much! - Connie

When a person passes the legendary four score years, there are many infirmities that come to the surface. This was the case with my eyesight. After 81 years, the left eye decided to retire. The right eye functioned, but did not want to carry the load for both eyes. As a result it made it difficult, no it made it impossible to read, or drive. As is the case with many 'old timers' I kept on procrastinating seeking help, until the time came that I needed help.

We live in San Felipe, Mexico so it became necessary that we find someone to drive us to the doctor. This meant that the appointment would have to be scheduled at my convenience. The doctor arranged for my appointment and the surgery to fit in the schedule my driver could get me to his office. It was an extra-ordinary effort on his part, for which I will be forever grateful. The surgery was very successful, and the care I received was extra-ordinary. Now, almost a year later I can find the keys on my computer with no problems at all. I and my wife shall be forever grateful to Dr. Chavez for the extremely good care he gave me, and for going out of his way to accommodate me at my schedule. - With warmest regards, John and Patricia

It was time for me to renew my passport so I went to El Centro, CA to apply. Everything went smoothly until I viewed the photo taken for my passport. I hardly recognized the woman. My eyes were almost completely closed and were only slits in the photo. Now, I realize that I am pushing 86, and was having problems seeing and I considered getting new glasses until my personal physician, Dr. Robles, advised me to see Dr. Chvez Care Center for possible cataract surgery. I was very pleasantly surprised and followed through. This charismatic man was so understanding and gentle, I immediately placed myself under his very professional care.

Other than the tiresome preparing for the operation, which of course is necessary, the absolutely painless operation took only about 15-20 minutes and I could talk with the doctor if need be. I was released right after the operation. I stayed inside a hotel room for one day and was allowed to watch TV, etc. The next day I went back to Baja and began working on the periodical that I have published every month for 13 years that covers all of the Baja Peninsula and the U.S and many other places. I only had to wear furnished sunglasses for a few weeks when I went out into the sun. I had both eyes done months apart. Prior to this operation, Dr. Chavez had operated on my eyelids to correct my peripheral vision. Now I wear no glasses for the first time in over 40 years. I may only need some for very tiny letters. I can see great distances. I can drive and use my computer all day, as I am doing now. I cannot possibley say how I feel about this charming, very knowledgeable, gentle man, who also, by the way, has a magnificent sense of humor!